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Milk prices and futures that dairy farmers receive has been on the rise. What should feel like a bit of relief and light at the end of the tunnel is not there due to the rising cost of our feed for our cattle.

Corn prices are at record levels. Nearly $7.00 a bushel. Most of the other commodities we feed our cows have gone up as well.  Our costs have increased over 20 percent since December.

Tony's proud and grateful for our corn harvest!

We do grow some of our feed but not all of it. Many farmers do not grow any of their own feed and rely on purchasing all of their feed. Many of the alfalfa hay growers have chosen to farm other more profitable crops as the dairy farmers had such difficulties paying the alfalfa hay they needed over the past two years. So it’s not only difficult to find but very expensive as well.

On top of that food in the grocery stores are more expensive.

Fuel is also more expensive and seems to be climbing. Didn’t our government subsidized corn to be used for ethanol to make fuel less expensive and less dependent on foreign oil? Hello… It’s NOT working!

Who are the ones to lose from these decisions? We the consumers are!

On top of all of this the government wants to hire more inspectors to check on food safety. Now don’t get me wrong I am all about food safety I am reminded of it every day from the regulations already in place and we proudly follow. The U.S.A.  have the strictest guidelines in the WORLD…yes world!

These additional government employees will be paid by who? Yes us! It will make it harder for farms to stay in business. This will lead to food being accessible and affordable. It will lead to less of our food being made here in the U.S. and more of our food imported. Imported from countries that do not have the same standards. Does that make any sense???

It makes me think of Germany. When Hitler removed the farms as he didn’t think they were important and manufacturing was the way for the country to succeed. We all know what happened with that theory.

Our greatest wealth is our ability to feed ourselves. I can promise you this!

  • Our farm is committed to providing safe and wholesome milk to consumers.
  • We, along with the nation’s 55,000 dairy producers have a strong track record for compliance with state and federal regulations, and support education and enforcement efforts to further strengthen that record.

Please urge our government to use common sense. Spend wisely and to remember that our greatest wealth is the ability to feed ourselves.

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Abundant and Safe Food Provided By US Farmers


The Pilgrims made seven times more graves than huts.  No Americans have been more impoverished than these who, nevertheless, set aside a day of thanksgiving.  ~H.U. Westermayer

Since our move to Central California in 2006 I feel like we have gone through so much and so many changes. The timing of our relocation was the first major drop in milk pricing, teamed with high cost of production. We have had those highs and lows since then. In 2006 I  had left my immediate family and lifelong friends. My kids were off to college and it was just Tony and I.

As I reflect during this Thanksgiving season I am grateful for my gratitude….meaning that when everything is “easy”  you never really feel gratitude. It is often only during difficulty that you can appreciate the simple, most important things. You step out of yourself and reflect.  It helps you to cope. You gain gratitude for health of mind and body. Gratitude for family and friends, old and new (I have met so many new and wonderful friends, for that I am grateful). You are grateful for the roof over your head and the food on your table.

As a third generation dairy farmer, I would never have thought that we  would have to stand up and defend what we do and why we do it. I mean, isn’t it just common sense? The truth is as we took our consumers for granted. As they moved away from the rural, we just expected them to believe the misinformation being said about us and what we do. People with different agendas were speaking and we weren’t responding. I am grateful for social media. It gives me a platform to reconnect with the consumers and correct some wrongs.

 I want people to make clear choices based on truth and facts. Our decisions regarding food should not be made based on guilt, social status and creative labeling.

When you have gratitude it does to leave room to be judgemental… 

Most of us have not had pains of true hunger in our bellies…but there are many, many people that have! God bless them all!

Below I have enclosed a link on an article written regarding the division of food in the US. There are many blessed people in our nation that have many choices for their food. They have the money to afford them that luxury. For them I am so happy. I reach out to them to remember that there are so, so many that do not have that luxury. We must keep common sense with in our food production. We must be able in the US to provide enough food for our growing nation and world.  #foodthanks


Divided We Eat

As more of us indulge our passion for local, organic delicacies, a growing number of Americans don’t have enough nutritious food to eat. How we can bridge the gap.


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Help Dairy Farmers and Help Those in Need!
Help Dairy Farmers and Help Those in Need!

Cheese Please! This will help our nation’s dairy farmers and our nations needy!


           Give a half hour of your time to Call/ E-Mail/ Write


Food banks in dire need! Cheese is piled high in inventory (supposedly, I guess we don’t really know that since they are not required to formal audits)!


Government has already OK’d bail out money for financial institutions (much of that went to cover “bonuses” for CEO’s outstanding jobs of getting them into such a mess).


I would much rather see it go directly to those who need it. Unfortunately the government will have the sole burden of this. It is sad that many of these companies that are holding the inventory had record profits.


It would make sense to me that they might “donate” some product out of the goodness of their heart and relieve some of their inventory burden.


Wouldn’t that have been an awesome public relations move to help the hungry and to also help the many family farms that supply them milk, enabling them to obtain record profits? What a show of philanthropy!


That doesn’t seem to be the case so I urge you, in phone calls, e-mails, or good old fashion letter writing, call on your representatives. Below is a link that should help you locate their phone numbers, emails, or addresses. A long letter or call is not necessary just write or call and state:


Dear Representative ….

 Please support USDA Funds to purchase Cheese to be placed directly into nation’s food banks.


Your Name/ Business


                     This will help our nation’s dairy farmers and our nations needy!

 To contact your representatives go to



New Survey: Food Banks Struggle as Economic Woes and Record Unemployment Send Many Americans in Search of Food


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