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Dairy Goddess Farmstead Cheese & Milk


Hello “Godd-etts”! Spring has sprung that is for sure. Many of our seasonal farmers markets begin shortly. We are always excited to start Hanford Farmers Market on Thursdays Old Town Clovis Farmers Market  and Cayucos Farmers Market on Fridays.

I thought I would share with you many of the Frequently Asked Questions at my markets and by my many store customers. I am always happy to answer any questions anyone has. If there is not one answered here…please just let me know.

Hope to see you soon!


FAQ for Dairy Goddess Farmstead Cheese & Milk


Are you organic?


We practice primarily organic though not certified



Are the cows grass-fed?


We have a nutritionist that works weekly with my husband to formulate the best diet for our cows. They use the corn and wheat and alfalfa we grow on our farm. They also get fresh citrus, almond, and other nutrients that are mixed fresh twice daily. 



Are your cows happy?


Of course! Our whole goal is to create our animals comfort and well-being. Not only morally…but a happy cow makes more milk.


Are your cows confined?


We raise our cows in open corrals with shades available to them. On hot days they have soakers and misters to cool them and on hot days they have warm water for their wash up.


Do you remove the calves from their mothers?


They spend a few hours or longer with their calves (calves are up and walking almost immediately) and then the calves are placed in their private pen so that they will not be exposed to dangers. We also can better monitor them to make sure they are eating and drinking. They are monitored for about 45 to 60 days when they are moved to age appropriate group pens.


Do you raise your bull calves?


Yes we do


Do your cows have hormones?


All mammals have natural hormones but we do not supplement them with Rbst


Is there antibiotics in your milk?


Our milk as in all milk is tested numerous times as in compliance with the government and our cooperatives. Cheese will not make if there are antibiotics SO of course we do not!


Do you treat your cows with antibiotics?


Yes. Only if necessary. As we did with ourselves and our children. They are often similar medications. We have a “hospital” pen where they are monitored and the milk for the ill cows is discarded.

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Dairy Goddess Is At It Again! What's Cookin'? Vanilla Milk, New Cheeses, AND A Grandbaby!

I can not believe it has been since November that I have last posted. I ask it often and asking again, “Where does the time go?” I guess we know the answer…it is from being busy. That is a good thing.
My daughter’s wedding was such a wonderful life event. I felt it could not get better than that, but, well it did when they told Tony and I that we are going to be GRANDPARENTS! We are thrilled and live and pray daily to meet this lil’ guy OR gal. (I can’t wait till they find out)!

Don’t think we have been lolli-gaggin’ though…we have been busy as bees! We are just introducing three more cheeses that we are very proud of. Our Mexi-Mozzarella, Goddess Feta and a dreamy Teleme.

We are also just testing out our Vanilla Milk! It is AMAZING and can’t wait to make it available to the masses! It’s ALL natural. No food coloring. Only Whole Milk, Vanilla and Pure Cane Sugar. Perfect for cereal and coffee. I love it cold and straight from the bottle.

I have missed my blogging very much.  I miss writing and sharing. I am better with my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/dairygoddesscheese . That is not to say that I don’t LOVE  blogging but often those things you love the most get a little neglected so I promise to try to work on that.

I love my lil’ Godd-ett’s!

As always if you have any questions, please let me know. I am happy to answer them!

Love Always, Your Dairy Goddess

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Well, our busy season is upon us. Many of our seasonal markets are well on their way. I am also getting the opportunity to speak with the many store managers regarding my dairy and our products. As always we love to share our products and get to know our customers. We always are happy to receive and answer lots of questions regarding our farmstead cheese and milk.

One of my favorites is “WHAT MAKES YOUR MILK SO SPECIAL???” (I want to joke and say DUUUUHHH a “Dairy Goddess made it”…LOL)

Well, the truth is my milk is special and different from most milks on the market. Not only is it because of our beautiful cows that God entrusted with us. Nor the fact that they are monitored around the clock to make sure they are happy and receiving the freshest most nutritious diet, along clean fresh water.

The main difference in our milk is  the way we process it and I am happy to share that with you!

Dairy Goddess milk is non-homogenized, which means the butterfat molecules in our milk are left in their natural state. These relatively large milk-fat globules bind with nutrients (like vitamins A & D) found in the liquid portion of milk. The nutrient-carrying globules travel to the stomach and gut where they release the nutrients for use by the body. Milk fat, in it’s natural state, easily makes its way through the entire human digestive tract.

Homogenized milk molecules on the other hand, are unnaturally small and misshapen. They haphazardly attach to nutrients, but unfortunately, pass out of the digestive tract and directly into the blood stream before the nutrients can be digested.

Further, the destruction of milk-fat globules can lead to hardening of the arteries. While this is contrary to popular belief, some noted researchers and medical experts believe this to be the case. Robert Cohen, Executive Director of the Dairy Education Board, wrote in his article “Homogenized Milk: Rocket Fuel for Cancer,” in 2007, that the smaller, disfigured milk-fat globules produced during homogenization act like capsules for substances that bypass digestion. Not only are important nutrients lost into the blood stream, but hormones and pesticides used to treat cows and their feed, make their way to the human blood stream as well.

Thomas E. Levy, M.D., further argues in his book on nutrition, that some enzymes are absorbed into the blood stream as well. One particular enzyme, xanthine oxidase (XO), reaches the bloodstream where it replaces a substance called plasmalogen in the arteries, and directly promotes hardening of the artery walls.

But perhaps the most burning question is, “What danger do I risk if I drink Non-Homogenized Milk.” The answer is “none.” That’s right, homogenization has no known health benefits. Nor is it required by law. Milk is homogenized simply to give it a balanced consistency – more pleasing to the eye and no need to shake it. Milk in its natural state has a cream layer that floats on top of the liquid portion of the milk. Anyone who grew up on a farm, or before homogenization was common, will tell you that the cream is the most desirable part! And, as you are now aware, the cream also carries huge health benefits.

Dairy Goddess only uses Low Temperature / Vat Pasteurization

Dairy Goddess is one of two dairies in California to use a low-temperature vat pasteurization method. This ensures our milk retains a majority of its enzymes, which are crucial for proper digestion and good health. Dairy Goddess is the only dairy processing a Cream Top Chocolate Milk with vat pasteurization in the state!

Pasteurization of commercially-sold milk is required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to ensure that harmful bacteria in milk is eliminated. Standard pasteurization methods utilize high-heat, high-volume methods that unfortunately kill beneficial enzymes as well as bacteria. Some milk is even ultra-pasteurized to the point that it can be stored without being refrigerated. Some in the dairy and health industries refer to ultra-pasteurized milk as “dead milk” because everything — harmful and beneficial – have been killed.

Dairy Goddesses low-temperature vat pasteurization method allows us to heat our milk at a lower temperature for a longer period of time, eliminating harmful micro-organisms but leaving valuable enzymes untouched.

During our pasteurization process, milk is divided into small batches and processed in our vat. The milk is heated in the vat to a temperature of 145o F (63o C). (The chocolate milk is heated to 150F) It is held at this constant temperature for 30-minutes.  The milk is then cooled in a ‘plate cooler’. It is run quickly through small stainless steel tubing that is surrounded by cold water. The milk is cooled quickly and put directly in our cooler and ready to be delivered, fresh to you!

So that’s it…less processed. More natural. The way things are supposed to be. We have been so geared to processing and long shelf life’s we don’t realize what value to us, nutritionally, we are giving up. Get back to basics…You will love the taste and your tummy will too!

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8/19/10 My 1st Sale My 1st $5.00

I can hardly believe that it has been a year since Dairy Goddess Farmstead Cheese has been up and running! When I think about it, it can seem like a lifetime ago…but then again just yesterday.

It has been a crazy year ,that is for sure. To think that just a year ago I received my plant certification after a year and half of planning and building. The same week of my approval I was selling one flavor, Central Coast, at the Hanford Farmers Market. Dairy Goddess is now in 14 farmers markets, 3 specialty stores, and Whole Foods Fresno.

My first month we made cheese with 100 gallons of milk. I can proudly say that as of today, only a year later, I am using nearly 300 gallons of milk a week….to little ole’ me that is very exciting!

Of course the Dairy Goddess does not do this alone…oh no…I have the best team ever.

Co – Captain, Tony Martin, “Mr. Goddess” as he is often called, is my right hand! I would be nothing without his love and support. I thank God for him every day. He rallied behind my idea of making cheese even though I know he thought I was a bit loopy in the head. He supports my whacky marketing ideas. He only rolls his eyes a little now when I put on my hair wreaths and tiara and has accepted my chit chatting and random crazy thoughts. He has become quite the salesman and I know there are quite a few ladies that like to speak with the big strong farmer any day over the Goddess!

My kids! What can I say? Both of them have graduated from college this past year. Tara, working for me full time is doing a great job. She has taken over most of the plant operation and running the valley markets and stores. A.J. my son and Tara’s boyfriend Shane Rodrigues are a huge help in keeping the dairy running smooth while we tend to the coastal markets.

Cousin Cindy Sexton contacted me an said “Hey, I want to help…what can I do”! Help is an understatement. She is not only rockin’ the east bay area in the Farmers Markets but also marketing and recipe ideas. She helps with transportation…even at the last minute. Besides, the blessing of reconnecting with her is the best gift of all.

My Uncle Mike and Sister in law Kathy have been a big help with packaging (even though they haven’t had the best of health this past year). They are always there and do what they can and are our biggest fans.

Tim Luis has been instrumental in packaging and valley farmers markets. His energy and good personality is awesome to be around. He is sadly heading away to college. He is going to be missed…but no worries….we hope to get him in a farmers market near his university.

For a short time we were also blessed to have Aimee Brooks and Sarah Marques selling for us at the coast.

We now are excited to add Kim Welch Mendes  (Valley) and Audrey Collar  (Coast) to the Dairy Goddess team. We know they are going to be a great addition to our team. Make sure you go and say HI to them and welcome them aboard!

Like anything in life…this year has had it’s struggles. The dairy business has still be tough. Milk prices went up but so did all of the feed. Catching up is still an uphill battle. I pray for our dairy and the industry.

There has been no time off. Dairy and Cheese that has been it this past year. I have sacrificed some family and friend time pursuing this venture. My family and friends understand and have been so supportive but in the mean time those moments are gone.

I have become quite the multi-tasker. As I write this Tony is driving us to Santa Barbara at 530am to farmers market. So for these new skills of time management I am grateful.

My goal  for the next year is to possibly expand product line. Become a bit more efficient. I want to spend more time getting in more stores and better marketing.
Most importantly I want to take a bit more time to stop and smell the roses.

Thank you for making this first year such a success! I am so grateful for all the support from so many.

I could not have done it without you!

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