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Cows Cooling Off

Cows Cooling Off

Summertime! It is here with a fury. As a child it was my favorite time of year. When you are young you don’t have as many worries as we do as adults. I used to have fun playing on the dairy, barefoot, making “Big Foot” prints in the fresh cow patties and then running through the “wash pen” to wash off and cool off. I was out there with the cows running around in my swim suit with out a care in the world. My dad made sure the cows were always comfortable. He would keep them longer in the “wash pen” and they were blessed with shades.

We continue to have those comforts for our cows along with soakers, misters and fans! Nonetheless, now as an adult and caretaker of these favored female bovines I worry. We are continually checking to make sure these cooling devices are working and doing their job. We make sure they are eating enough and the food is fresh. We watch their troughs to make sure the water is cool and plentiful.

In the summer we also plant corn. We grow corn to feed our cows along with wheat and alfalfa. I worry about the Central Valley and it’s water availability. There is so much “politics” in the water issue. They only ones who truly suffer is us the farmers, our animals and crops and you the consumer. Water is so important to this Valley and our food supply. Let us never take this for granted. Don’t let big politics lead you to believe it is about saving non-indigenous species. It is about big business, big money that hides behind “heart-strings” for their personal profits and agendas.

I worry about my cows and the crops I grow for them. I pray for water to keep my cows cool and thirst away. I pay that we have enough water to grow our crops and have a plentiful harvest.

Care free summer days for me are gone…but I do thank God for all of the blessings and comforts that my “girls” have. I am grateful for everything that they provide for our family and giving them the very best is the least we can do!

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Well, life has continued to be busy for this Dairy Goddess. Even though the markets have slowed down with to the summer ending. We have kept ourselves busy with the dairy and trying to expand product and placement. As always there still does not seem to be enough hours in the day.

I feel like I haven’t been keeping up on my writing OR my reading. I am grateful to get out and attend industry meetings to learn and help me to keep up on things.

Recently at a Dairy Advisory Meeting for Cal Poly SLO I learned about “Ag in Motion”, Bringing Ag Science to Youth.

I think that there is nothing more important than Agriculture AND our youth. What a great way to bring them together. This is a hands on approach, which I think is the best way to spark our young people.

Please take a look at this innovative way to promote careers in Agriculture.

Ag In Motion ~ 2011 Launch


Ag In Motion is the vehicle to enable middle school students to connect the world with their science classroom


Bringing Ag Science to Youth


Ag In Motion is a self-contained 53 foot mobile classroom laboratory


Ag In Motion encourages involvement in FFA and promotes the awareness of careers in agriculture

Top 10 Facts about Ag In Motion

1. Ag In Motion is a laboratory classroom on wheels which is bringing agriculture related science to middle school students.

2. Labs presented by Ag In Motion are based on state science standards and tailored for 7th grade classes.

3. The lab can hold 36 students with their teacher.

4. Once they enter Ag In Motion, students become an agriculture scientist- solving the science mysteries.

“This place is magical” (Quote from Dutcher Middle School Student)

5. Cells to seeds and light to bugs Ag in Motion will provide a look at Ag.

6. Lessons will fit a normal class period.

7. All lessons are hands-on science.

8. Materials to help teachers prep their classes for Ag In Motion’s visit will be provided.

9. All materials are developed by teachers and teacher tested to ensure state science standards are met and expectations are exceeded.

10. Ag in Motion comes at no cost to schools.

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Chica Chillin' on Mother's Day!

I am working on getting a video of Chica soon! I just have this cell phone picture but I assure you she’s doing great. AJ and I and the rest of the workers are getting a lot of entertainment out of her, she’s hilarious! I will tell you I’m impressed, she was the first cow I’ve ever seen to successfully back out of the exit lane in the milk barn with all of the other cows waiting on her. I took this on mother’s day, i think she felt like napping all day instead of going to work!  Reported by Cal Poly Dairy Science Student- Jake Sehr
I want to Thank Jake for sending me this update! I have been very busy getting cheese room ready. …I will be blogging more about that later. Thank you for checking in and your support! I enjoy sharing with you all so much!

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