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One of my favorite things of having a blog is the people you get to reach from all over the world.
I have had the pleasure of getting to know Alfred. He has a dairy farm in Kenya Africa. Alfred had stumbled upon my blog and asked a couple of dairy questions and our dialog progressed from there.   I am now honored to call him a friend and colleague.  As I mentioned Alfred lives and dairies in Africa. Dairy life in Africa seems very much like having a dairy farm in the United States. He cuts silage and raises calves he worries for their health and well-being.
He also has many of the same struggles that we have here. He worries about the weather and the milk prices and feed costs. He does have worries of predators, like Lions attacking (we don’t have Lions…but we have our own predators to don’t we? LOL)
Alfred tells me “I have a happy family made of a boy and a girl named Ted and Natash and their mother Fridah”.
Alfred is the youngest of 5 siblings. He still grieves the loss of his mother 7 years ago.
Alfred tells me that he has a small dairy but with “God’s grace” he is passionate of pursuing his dream, of milking 200 cows, to help his family and neighbors.
He also would like to process his milk as well and “pack” yoghurt.
Alfred has sent me some photos of Africa and a “Breeds Show” that I have put together in a short video. I am happy to share my friend and colleague with you.
I chose the music of Bob Marley, “One Love” because, dairy farmers, around the world have this in common…a LOVE of Cows and the product they provide!
My thanks to Alfred for allowing me to share our story on my blog!

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